Thursday, July 28, 2011

Peridot: Better as a nail polish than a jewel?

I want this. I need this. Oh baby, oh baby.

It's one of the latest limited edition shades from Chanel - Peridot.

Seriously though. I am in dire need of this nail polish. I don't even really like green, but I find myself completely enchanted by this shade.

Look how awesome it looks on the lovely Christine from Temptalia:

Peridot is my birthstone. That should count for something, right?

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dior Show Me More

I've been in a serious foundation funk lately.

Everything I try is too greasy, too pigmented, too sheer, too this or too that. I've tried products from the drugstore as well as higher end brands. I've tried using primers with moisturizer underneath and without. Nothing helps. It's incredibly frustrating.

I think the problem is my ridiculously oily skin. It seems like no matter what I use, I end up looking like a greasemonkey about an hour after getting to work in the morning. I'm tired of caking powder on all day long to fix it.

Anyone got any suggestions? I could really use them.

In the mean time... I headed to the mall this past weekend to see if I could try one of the Laura Mercier foundations as I've heard good things about them and that's enough to entice me to at least take a look.

Alas, the sales rep for LM was off that day (Seriously? You don't have any backups? You just leave the counter empty for the day? Whatevs.) and the friendly woman from the Dior counter saw me staring longingly at the products and decided to see if she could help. Now, I'm fully aware the reps work on commission and are supposed to be that nice to you, but she was a total sweetheart and went above and beyond my expectations.

She gave me a full face of makeup and didn't push any of the products on me, even when I made her reapply stuff or switch products halfway through my face. Her patience was rewarded and I bought three products anyway.

 Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10

So far so good... I love the coverage and it feels light as air on my skin. It hasn't made me breakout so far, but I definitely still find myself kind of greasy. Overall, I like this product, but I'm still looking for something to control the oil a little bit more.

Natural Glow Sculpting Powder SPF 10 (in The Passion)


Love this stuff. LOVE it. It's three shades of makeup that you can use separately as a regular face powder, a bronzer, and a highlighter, or swirl it all together for an all-over glow. Seriously. Love.

Design 5-Color Designer All-in-One Artistry Palette (in Amber Design)

This is another product I love. I've purchased Dior shadows before. I think they're very well pigmented and high quality, but I've usually gotten fun palettes in blues and purples and colors that I just do not use on a regular basis. This is the first time I got a much more versatile shade and I couldn't be happier. The color can be applied lightly for just a light wash of shimmer and glow or you can load it up for a truly saturated and easily blended makeup look. I love that it comes with a coordinated cream eye liner and enough colors that you don't need any other products except for mascara - perfect for traveling!

All in all, I'm pretty excited about my new venture into Dior products. Have you found any great ones that I absolutely need to try? Let me know!

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