Friday, March 26, 2010


Ever felt like the world is out to get you?

I swear, these last two weeks have just been one insane thing after another.

On top of some personal drama, I started a new job (well, went back to an old job) last week and between working full-time, going to school several nights a week, and trying to get all of my homework and reading done I'm starting to completely lose my mind.

My solution?

Give it a shot.

It helps.

I swear.

Aside from that, I'm planning to sit down this weekend and figure out exactly when I need to get everything done and spread it all out so I don't go straight off the deep end. After I get that squared away, I will be back to my regularly scheduled blogging.

Never fear, I have plenty of reviews piling up and tons of new products and new episodes of my fave CW shows to chat about.

In the mean time, hope you're all having a less stressful time than I am!


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