Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oscar Night: Watercolor Wins

Have you had enough Oscar coverage yet? Almost done, I swear!

These are my last two favorite dresses of the night.

First we have Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab.

How gorgeous is this dress? Patterns can be very tricky on the red carpet. They can look washed out or overpowering, or just plain ugly, but I love this. It's subtle and pretty and the flowyness looks great on her. The proportion is perfect and I definitely think this risk paid off.

Here is my second favorite surprise of the night, after Cameron Diaz - Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten.

I'm not sure I've liked anything Maggie has worn on a red carpet, well, ever... But, I love this. Love it. I'm not even sure why. The color is fun, the cut is flattering - she looks ridiculously tall and slender, and I just think she looks better than she has in quite a while.

So, that covers it for Oscar fashions... I'm staying away from the really atrocious dresses. I don't feel like tearing anyone down *cough* Sarah Jessica Parker & Faith Hill *cough* so I'm just not gonna do it. Capiche?

I will, however, get into some pretty sweet beauty details for you in my next post.

In the mean time, what do you think? Like my favorites? Hate 'em? Think I've lost my mind? Let me know, ladies!