Friday, October 2, 2009

Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat

So, going back to school has left me with a huge problem. I can't possibly watch all of my shows when they're actually on. It's SO upsetting... Even the prospect of wasting away hours of my weekend losing myself in teen drama and fabulous clothes doesn't make it any better.

Wait, that's a lie. The fabulous clothes make it a teensy bit better.

Speaking of fabulous clothes... Any idea what to wear to a millionaire actor's yacht party?

Here's what the kids of West Beverly High recommend:

Duh. I mean... What else would you wear on a yacht?

Naomi doesn't actually need to breathe or anything. Nor does she need to sit down... The seams on that fuchsia BCBGeneration might just bust if she tries to do anything except stand there and look pretty.

I feel like Silver's outfit is a little more appropriate...and super cute. Love the color of her tank top and that crochet vest from Bebe is adorable. Also - good call on the gladiator sandals. Moving boats + heels = oy vay

Love this photo, by the way. Beautiful people goofing off. Must be nice when this is your job.

Also, color coordination goes a long way. I applaud you, Mr. (or Ms.) 90210 Wardrobe Guru.

Can we talk about how obsessed I am with Adrianna's dress? How freaking yacht-appropriate is it?? It's like... Sailor Chic and I WANT IT, even though I have absolutely nowhere to wear it. Plus, it's getting kinda cold here in CT. Le sigh. Still want it.

OH! And her shoes. Definitely want her shoes! How adorable?? They're Betsey Johnson and $120.00 at Zappos (marked down from $200... I guess you can consider that a sale). I'm just going to keep reminding myself that I have bills to pay and they're not really fall/winter shoes so they would just sit in my closet. So sad.

Let me just say that the lovely ladies are all about sun protection to go along with their fashion statements. Aside from the fact that they're all pretty pale for California girls, take a look at the major trend I saw in this episode:

Hats and sunglasses for everyone! Except, Adrianna, but apparently she got some fantastic red lipstick instead of sunglasses as her accessory. I like Annie's white glasses and hat combo the best and I have to admit that I've always wanted a giant floppy hat like that, but I can't get beyond feeling ridiculous every time I try one on. Anyone else feel like that, or is it just me being weird?

One last thing...

This dress? Ugh. It's like... A bad 80's prom imitation. It also reminds of those weird cartoons that used to be all over Nickelodeon? With the stick-figures and hearts and I think it's probably some famous artist that does them and that's all fine and dandy, but it doesn't belong on a dress. Neither does that super random polka-dot ruffle thing. Not cool.

So, what did you think of their little yacht outing? Yay or nay?

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Anonymous said...

Do you know who the designer is for Adrianna's navy dress? I've been searching online and can't find it.

leelee on November 29, 2009 at 9:01 PM said...

Unfortunately, I can't find it either! I've been trying to find it everywhere, but nobody seems to know. I'll definitely try to keep looking on all the message boards I can find and hopefully it'll pop up somewhere. I'll keep you posted! :)