Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Names Worth Big Bucks?

So MSN.com's Lifestyle section runs a weekly column by the Beauty Director of Marie Claire Magazine, Ying Chu. She's usually got some fun things to say and this week she answers the question: Are designer eye shadows worth the cost or can you get the same look using drugstore eye shadows?

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Here's what she had to say:
"There are a ton of brands that offer top-quality makeup at drugstore prices—including L’OrĂ©al, Cover Girl, and Revlon. If you’re trying out a new look (peacock blue eyes?), then experiment with something inexpensive at first. If you grow to love a trend and want to wear it regularly, then you can invest in something pricier. Sometimes, a more expensive brand can offer a wider range of colors, or really beautiful packaging (I’m a sucker for both), but the formula inside can be similar to what’s found at the drugstore."
Personally, I've never been a fan of drugstore eye shadows. I know, I know, some brands charge outrageous prices and I should be praising the likes of Maybelline and Cover Girl for providing an inexpensive option... But I just can't do it. While I adore many drugstore products, like mascara, I just don't think the eye shadows measure up.

The pigments and textures just can't compare to the high-end shadows from Chanel and Dior. Not even close to the mid-priced, but just as fabulous, brands like MAC and Urban Decay. They just don't seem to last on me and I firmly believe that the higher quality of ingredients in the more expensive shadows is well worth the price.

Of course, Chu has a point when she says to experiment with the drugstore products... But I say head on down to Sephora and try stuff out there. They have the best return policy on the planet so if you don't like it, just give it back!

So that's my view on the drugstore-high-end debate. What's yours?

[photo credits: covergirl.com, chanel.com]