Monday, December 7, 2009

Going Gaga for Carrera?

Have you seen the video for Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance"? It's quite possibly one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen, and yet somehow I couldn't look away. Maybe it's the awkward dancing or the signature-crazy-Gaga costumes... I'm not exactly sure. But I do love this song and as weird as Lady Gaga is and as much as I typically hate her fashion choices, I get it. I get that she's doing her own thing and creating this persona and honestly? If that works for her (and clearly it does based upon that massive amounts of success she's had) then I wish her nothing but the best.

Anyway, here's the video in question:

Weird, right? Yet, not unlike a train wreck. I really can't look away. And the song is officially going to be stuck in my head for uh... The rest of my life.

The thing that stands out the most for me are Gaga's accessories in this. The shoes are insane, as always. And we all know her penchant for giant sunglasses. The ones in this video fit right in with her style. They're actually the "Champion" style by Carrera.

Pretty interesting looking... It definitely works for the look of the video.

Carrera is actually a brand that's been around for fifty years, though I have to be honest and say that I've never paid attention to them before. As far as sunglasses go, I haven't really branched out my love much beyond Chanel, Dior, Fendi, and D&G... I think I actually forget sometimes that there are brands out there that actually specialize in eyewear... And I've also probably been a little blinded by the name recognition factor of these big brands.

I can't decide if I actually like this particular style, though. I'm a huge fan of aviator styles on other people, but for some reason they just don't look all that great on me. This "Champion" pair on Gaga is from their "Carrera Vintage" collection, which is basically an entire line of retro-style glasses that is inspired by an original design first introduced in the 80's (though "retro" is so in right now that I'm not sure this is all that unique).

Upon exploring the Carrera website, I did find some other styles that I actually prefer to the Champion.

This is the "Hippy 2" style and I love it.

I usually stick to square styles and the shape, size, and color of these is fab. Sure, you might look a little bit like a bug... But if Nicole Ritchie can pull it off, so can you.

This one is the "Exchange 3" and I think it's a much more wearable version of the aviator style. I also really like the detail in the center... I really have no idea what that would be referred to, but I like it anyway.

I also have to mention this one - the "Ticky". Uhm, maybe it's just me... But it looks pretty close to a standard pair of Ray-Bans, no?

I mean, they're kinda cute anyway, but I think it's just too close to such an iconic style from another brand for me.

Overall, I like a lot of the designs Carrera offers and I think they are definitely well-matched with Lady Gaga. Plus, the price point isn't too bad. From what I could find the price point seems to be low to mid $100s, in fact Shopbop has quite a few pairs on sale for under $100, so check them out!

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