Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Nine" Gets a Perfect 10

Let me start by saying how excited I am for this movie! I love musicals. LOVE them. Also... Have you seen the trailer for this movie? Apparently they got, like, every famous person on the planet to be in it. Even the fabulous Sophia Lauren! Color me stoked!

Now, on to the important part.

The stars certainly turned out for the premiere of Nine in London... And some of their stylists really outdid themselves, while others should be fired and never be allowed near a celebrity ever again.

My favorite of the night was easily Penelope Cruz.

She absolutely killed it in an ice blue lace gown from Ralph Lauren's Spring 2010 line, a Ralph Lauren clutch, and sparkling jewels from Chopard.

How gorgeous is this? Love it!

Next up, we have the lovely Kate Hudson.

She always looks SO HAPPY! It's infectious! She reminds me so much of her mom, Goldie Hawn (whom I ADORE), in these photos.

She's wearing Atelier Versace from the Fall 2009 line. The link is actually to the Spring 2009 line, but only because I adore that post and I think seeing the sketches and dresses together is really cool.

My first thought when I saw this dress was that it reminded me of the white gown January Jones wore to the Emmy's and lo and behold, they're both from the same collection. Not sure why that didn't hit me earlier, but apparently I'm a little slow sometimes.

But yeah... Really similar, right?

Either way, both are gorgeous.

Alright, so Penelope and Kate get my votes for best dressed... Their costar, Nicole Kidman, didn't fair so well.

I mean... What the hell is this??

It's a lovely suit... For an interview. Maybe a dinner date or something. But a premiere? For a movie musical where you're trying to prove you're still as hot as you were in Moulin Rouge? Really? This one was a miss. A big, huge, gaping hole of a miss. Thumbs down, Nicole. Fire your stylist, please. And maybe try a little self tanner. You're not just pale, you're pretty pasty. Seriously. A little color would really do you well. Give it a shot, 'kay?


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itsybitsyknitsy on December 14, 2009 at 5:10 PM said...

OMG! So excited for NINE too!!!