Thursday, December 17, 2009

Touché, Nicole

I'm so happy we had our little chat about your red carpet look at the LA premiere of Nine. I mean, you've done a complete 180 in less than a week! No more suit separates and boring hair for you!

Just look at this fabulous Prada dress you went and selected for the NYC premiere.

The fit is lovely, the silhouette is fun, the flower appliqué is very appropriate... But, uhm... You kinda forgot something. The powder? Under your eyes and around your nose? You know, the kind that makeup artists typically use to ensure no eyeshadow or anything ends up under your eye? Well, that's a great little tip... But you're kinda supposed to brush the powder away once you're done with the eyeshadow. How does one miss something this obvious? Surely if your makeup was rushed, or whatever, you had to come into contact with at least one other person on your way to the premiere? Shouldn't they have warned you? No? Maybe the limo was too dark to notice or something?

I feel like this was a big miss on everyone's part. Powder tragedy aside, I love the dress. I love the hair. I love the makeup (the non-powder part, at least). Glad our little talk set you straight, darling.

You were not the only one that had a fabulous night, though.

Fergie wins the night for me. She's rockin' the Grecian goddess look like no other. I cannot even find a descriptive word appropriate enough for how much I adore this flowing Marchesa (Resort 2010 Collection) gown. The belt, the clutch, the stunning Chopard diamond cuff? Seriously made of awesome. I think that Fergie often looks very harsh, but that's not the case here. The soft waves and makeup fit perfectly. Major win. Major.

Another vision in white was Oscar winner, Marion Cotillard. She looks gorgeous in a sparkling Christian Dior dress that had one of the prettiest silhouettes of the night, but I could've done without the long Chopard beads. I think it takes away from the embellishment on the front of the dress. Her hair and makeup looks beautiful, though, so I can get over it. She's also carrying a Judith Leiber clutch to complete the outfit.

Holy smokes... She looks hot. I'm really not a fan of satin dresses for the most part... But this one works. I guess when you're Penelope Cruz there are very few things that don't work for you? As gorgeous as she looks in this Chanel Couture gown, I prefer the Ralph Lauren gown she wore to the LA premiere.

Kate Hudson, looking...interesting in Chanel Couture (Fall 2009 Collection) brought her mom, Goldie Hawn in Christian Dior (Spring 2008 Collection) as her date. How cute are they? I'm not in love with either outfit, but Goldie is one of my favorite people. I'll forgive her just about anything. Even that fur thing.

Okay, so everyone has been raving about this structured Marchesa dress on Naomi Watts, but I just don't like it. I think it fits her perfectly and the color is really fun... But I still don't like it. Great shoes, though! I also think she could have stepped it up with her hair and makeup... It looks way too casual for this event.

Which premiere do you think was better? NYC or LA?


itsybitsyknitsy on December 17, 2009 at 9:17 AM said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the prada dress - but yes, when i was going through the pics yesterday I was cringing - why wouldnt someone wipe that off?!??!?! SOMEONE must have seen her! I was wondering if it wasnt some kind of beauty trick that you cant see close up but under all the lights and flashes its obvious? Like a see through dress kind of effect.

leelee on December 17, 2009 at 10:43 PM said...

I cannot fathom how it's possible that nobody saw that! I did have tge same thought that it was maybe the lights and everything, like you mentioned... But there's really no tricks I can think of that would involve a thick layer of powder, haha. Oh well, I guess she'll have to be a little more careful next time!

S.A. Grothjan on December 19, 2009 at 4:27 PM said...

Wow, I honestly have never even heard of this powder trick, but I ALWAYS have issues with my eye shadow getting all over my face. Do you just wipe any sort of powder on before applying the shadow?

leelee on December 19, 2009 at 5:57 PM said...

Yep, I usually just dust on a thin layer of baby powder under my eyes (or anywhere else it may fall), put on the eyeshadow, then dust off the powder with a big fluffy brush and viola. It catches the fallout so you don't have to worry about it smearing all over. :)