Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Blake" is the new 'Rachel"

It's no secret that Jennifer Anniston started one of the biggest hair crazes of all time with her Rachel cut.

Admit it, you totally wanted to look like this, didn't you? Or, at least, you know someone that did. Well, tried to. Likely with less than perfect results. And adorable as it was on Jennifer Anniston - this cut really wasn't all that friendly to anyone who didn't want to blow-out their hair just about every day. Ugh. I definitely got rid of all photo evidence that this time ever existed for my hair.

Anyway, moving on from that traumatic experience. Apparently we have a new Rachel on our hands. Now, they might not actually be calling it "the Blake" or anything but ,according to the New York Times, people everywhere are asking for the long, luscious tresses à la Blake Lively.

Not that I can blame them. I mean, hello... Who wouldn't love to have hair like this?

I know I'd love it. Unfortunately, I don't think I have even half the hair that she does and if I tried to dye it that color? Ugh. It would more than likely just fall out in protest.

The article has a few stylists giving their recommendations on how to get and maintain this fabulous style. Lucky for her, our dearest Ms. Lively was blessed with a naturally lovely head of hair. But for those of us who didn't hit the genetic lottery? Are you ready for it? EXTENSIONS! Gee, thanks. I could've figured that one out on my own.

In addition to the extensions, the cut (uhm, isn't this just long layers?) will run you about $500 at any self-respecting (AKA snooty) salon in NYC. And don't forget the super-duper conditioning treatments and heat styling that should bring you right up to about $1200. A month. A month. WHAT??

No. Freaking. Way. Use some inexpensive thickening products. Get some beach spray. Learn to do a little teasing and figure out how to work a curling iron and you'll have that undone look in no time. Seriously. It's easier than everyone seems to claim, I promise. You don't need to spend a ton of money. My favorite curling iron (and I have several) is a 3/4 inch Revlon one I got at Marshalls for $7.99.

So, what is the verdict? Do you want the Blake? Any chance you'd be willing to front the cash for it? If so... Wanna be my friend and pay for me to have it, too?

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