Sunday, November 22, 2009

OMG Enough is Enough

Dear Little J - AKA Taylor Momsen,

Just FYI - You are not actually a jaded little Brooklyn hipster. You are not sexy. You are not cool. You are not edgy. You are not a rock star. You've got too much makeup on. Your ratty extensions are so tacky and stringy that they make me want to pull out my own damn hair.

I can't even chalk this look up to the Nylon stylists because this is exactly what you look like on Gossip Girl (and everywhere else you turn up), so clearly you've got some kind of input in this disastrous situation. Oh, and get some coffee. You look like you're about to pass out.

Stop it. Just STOP IT. You're like twelve years old! You're on a hit show! You don't have any reason to look like you're too damn cool for school!

What happened to this girl?

Sunny and fresh faced with lovely (NATURAL!) hair?

Please, please, please do the world a favor and rethink channeling Courtney Love for the rest of your life, 'kay? We'd all really appreciate it.




Anonymous said...

wtf someone is getting a bit agro over something so small. taylor can be who she wants to be. just coz she doesnt wanna be like every other celeb she has her own unique style and some people, like me and most of my friends look up to her for it so please remove what ever is up your ass and stop posting things like this coz clearly you have nothing better to do. x

Anonymous said...

Someone sounds a bit jealous. Honey, anybody can look that amazing if they want to. Why don't you give it a try? God knows you could use some touch ups. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, haha you're fucking childish. Why the hell do you care so much about how Taylor looks? She's unique and just experimenting with her style. Grow the fuck up and leave her and whoever else you might be complaining about.

leelee on June 7, 2011 at 3:21 PM said...

To all three anonymous comments - relax you guys. Seriously, I'm not attacking Taylor. I think she's really beautiful and talented (her Pretty Reckless songs are quite good). I'm not jealous (though I wouldn't mind having legs like that to show off) and I'm not trying to tell anyone she's an awful human being. However, this is my personal blog, and as such I have the right to broadcast my OPINION about pretty much anything I want. I don't LIKE her current style. I happen to think it makes her look trashy and inappropriate - two things that I don't think she is. I would say the same thing about anyone that dressed that way, especially someone her age who is in the public eye with many impressionable girls looking up to her.

Seriously, put away the torches and take a deep breath. This is just my opinion. Taylor has neither seen, nor does she care, what I have to say. It's just an opinion. You are free to disagree, but there is no need to attack me for not liking someone's choice of outfits or makeup. As celebrities, these people put themselves out there to be judged so they expect that not everyone will agree with their choices.

No need to assume I'm so obsessively jealous of this girl that I can't contain myself and have to take to my blog to attack her. There is also no need to be Taylor's personal guard dog and attack me if I say something bad about her. You don't agree with me and that's fine. Let's just leave it at that, shall we? Lovely.