Monday, November 23, 2009

XOXO to the Gossip Girl Stylist

As it turns out... Going back to grad school takes up WAY MORE time than I actually have. As a result my poor DVR is filled to the brim with episodes of all my favorite shows. Unfortunately for work and school, but fortunately for my sanity (though not my head - coughing up a lung can give you quite the headache!), I've been pretty sick during the last week and I've had a little extra time to catch up on my shows.

YAY! Oh, Gossip Girl, how I've missed you!

And I've missed talking about all the fabulous fashion! If I were to talk about each and every single outfit I loved or hated over the last five episodes this post would be excruciatingly long cause let's face it... Right along with all the dazzling dresses and amazing accessories there were quite a few less-than-stunning failures (cough-Jenny-cough-Vanessa).

So instead of driving myself crazy with everything I didn't like, I'm just going to stick to what I did like! So here we go!

Definitely looks better on Blake, no? Guess having an actual body as opposed to being a human clothes hanger has it's upside, huh? Either way, I love it. But, I don't love the $378 price tag. Boooooo!

My next favorite look is Blake again, but this time it's the dress she wore to Lily Van Der Woodsen's (fifth) wedding.

Seriously. She absolutely killed it in this J. Mendall Fall 2008 sexy, strapless, and flowing gown. Those Louboutins and MCL by Matthew Campbell Laurenza bangles certainly polish off the look perfectly. The signature messy hair always looks great as well. Love it!

My last favorite look comes from the same episode (Rufus Getting Married) and this time it's on Leighton Meester.

How beautiful is this 'Red' Valentino Dress?

The color and appliqué detailing is exquisite. It's pretty much everything you'd expect from a Valentino. Can you tell I have a small obsession with his dresses? I can't help it, though! They're gorgeous!

Also, how about the accessories she had??

A vintage-style Juicy Couture bracelet ($128) and a Paige Gamble Bronze Alligator and Smoky Quartz Clutch ($2800). Just perfect.

Can this show's stylist please come be my friend? PLEASE??