Sunday, January 10, 2010

The People Have Spoken

And they've chosen their favorite...everything. Vampires ruled the night as The Twilight Saga, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries were all big winners. Cute, blonde, and perky country singers were a hit, too - Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift both took home awards as well.

The results were fairly predictable, though, and I was way more interested in what everyone was wearing.

Some of my favorites of the night:

Taylor Swift in a Jenny Packham mini dress, Neil Lane jewels, and Louboutin heels.

I love this look. I think she looks adorable. The dress is gorgeous! Here's an up-close swatch of the fabric:

It's all ruched and bedazzled (in a pretty way, not a scary 80's-home-ec-project-kinda-way) and fits her like a glove.

I love that messy up-swept hair and the fresh-faced makeup. Those earrings are pretty fabulous, too. "Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Fine holiday fun..." (Quick, name that movie!)

Diana Agron in a Belle of the Ball dress by Floreat

I love Diana on Glee and I think she's a gorgeous girl in general. I know this wasn't the most extravagant dress on the red carpet. It wasn't the most beautiful or the flashiest... But for some reason I just really like it on her. I also like the natural makeup and the hairstyle looks really pretty. I mean, it's the People's Choice Awards, not the Oscars. I think she's allowed to keep it low key.

I am not, however, okay with those pointy shoes. I think rounded-toe platform pumps à la Louboutin would've been the way to go. I also think she would benefit from some jewelry. Maybe some big sparkly studs in her ears or a simply necklace? A cuff might have been nice, too. I don't know... It just needs something. I still think she looks great, though.3.

Megan Park in a BCBG Max Azria dress and Erica Courtney jewelry.

Are we seeing a trend here? I like 'em white, short, and frilly? Ha. What can I say? It's just my style. I love the floaty feel to the dress. The length gives it a nice proportion and I love the red shoes as a great pop of color, even if they blend into the carpet. I like the soft waves and I love that she continued the trend of soft makeup.

The next two choices are my "I almost love them...but something is just really off about the damn dress" looks.

I love, love, love the top half of this dress. It's the bottom half that makes me wince. If the black overlay followed the white part underneath and it was short and form-fitting it would probably be much better, but I think the best option would have been to extend the white to match the length of the black. Then it would be an adorably retro a-line cocktail dress and wouldn't come off nearly as odd as this does. Also, I can't bring myself to like the shoes. They just look like weird gladiators that are cutting off the bottom of her legs.

I do like the makeup. Intense eyes and a sheer lip is always a winner. And those earrings are pretty fabulous. I could've handled a bit more fun with the hair though. Almost there, Carrie. Almost.

Olivia Wilde in Monique Lhullier.

I love this theory. Again, the top half is absolutely beautiful and I love the belt. But something is really off about the length of the dress. I think it either needs to be a floor-length gown, or needs about a foot chopped off the bottom. One or the other would do it, but this in- between length is just really awkward. I'm also not a fan of the not-quite-peep-toe shoes. What is it? A fake peep-toe? I just don't get it.

She looks stunning from the waist-up though! Another almost there. Better luck next time, Olivia!

Alright, time for the biggest disasters of the night.

What. A. Mess. I truly don't even know what to say about this monstrosity. Satin, beading, knots, over-exposure... What doesn't this dress have thrown into it? There is nothing redeemable about this look. The dress is ugly, ill-fitting, and completely inappropriate for Kelly. Not only does she look completely over-dressed, but she looks sloppy, disheveled, and just... Ew. That chest region is just... I can't even look. The pulled back hair is too severe, the earrings are way too big for a dress that has that much going on near the top... It's just all wrong. Very, very wrong.


I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND. I have no words. None. At all.

However, since she was in Bring It On: All or Nothing I do feel the need to say:

Dear Ms. Raisa...

You Ain't Got No Alibi
You Ugly!
Hey Hey!
You Ugly!

Okay, maybe not you... But that dress is. And so is your hair. I bet your makeup would be okay if it was paired with great hair and a fab dress, but right now? It's just adding to the disaster of a look. Not okay, honey. Really not cool. Fire your stylist IMMEDIATELY.

Love always,


Katie Cassidy in Talbot Runhof.

Okay, this wasn't a total disaster. I actually really like the hair and makeup on Katie. This dress, though... I just... Don't understand. I guess it's trying to be avant garde? Maybe? Or something? I dunno. Come on, Katie, I know you can do better.

A few other disappointments of the night:

From left to right:

Ginnifer Goodwin in Christian Lacroix - she just looks unhappy and uncomfortable. Way too much going on in that dress. Ugly shoes, too.

Kate Walsh in vintage Sarni - I just don't like it. It's shapeless and ugly. Her legs look fab, though.

Alyson Hannigan - not sure who makes her dress, but the shoes are Rene Caovilla. I love Alyson. I think she's adorable and I've been a fan since her days on Buffy. The dress just screams 'bridesmaid' though, no? The fabric is a poor choice, too. It looks all wrinkly. Not cool, honey.

Sandra Bullock in a Vivienne Westwood dress and Brian Atwood pumps - she had an awesome night and won several awards, but the dress was Weird angles, weird color, weird...everything. And I think the shoe color clashed with the dress color and made it all worse. I think loose, wavy hair would've been way better for her as well.

Alright, there you have it. My picks for the best and worst of the 2010 People's Choice Awards. What were your favorites?

Oh, and just for fun... Let's do a quick little recap on my favorite boys of the night.

Shocker of all shockers, it's the Twilight guys... I can't help it! They're just so pretty (and by 'pretty' I mean macho and manly, of course).

Kellan Lutz - le sigh. That grin and those dimples literally kill me. I can't even handle it.

Is Taylor Lautner legal yet?? For a teenager, he's certainly got that intense stare down pat, doesn't he?

Okay, I've drooled enough.

Back to reality it is.


Courtney Alexis on March 15, 2010 at 4:29 PM said...

I stumbled upon your blog when I was google searching to see if Francia Raisa has cankles (don't ask). I read your blog description and this blog entry and have decided you are my long lost blog best friend and I shall read you more (that was not intended to sound as creepy as it does).