Monday, November 30, 2009

Haute Joaillerie, anyone?

Apparently the exquisitely designed, meticulously hand-crafted works of art that flounce up and down the runways of the Paris couture shows are no longer enough to be considered "ultra luxury."

Uhm, what? Dresses that cost more than a down payment on a house aren't enough?

These are not enough? Are you going tell Valentino that, or am I?

(P.S. Anybody else recognize that red dress on the end as the one I drooled over on Emma Watson when she did Vogue Italia? Love it!)

Well, according to the Fédération de la Couture Française (is that a mouthful or what?) the "union of two exceptional 'savoir-faire' will create a real luxury week."

I'm sorry, were the clothes, bags, and shoes not already a 'real' luxury?

Apparently adding jewelry, oh...pardonnez-moi, I meant joaillerie, to the mix is the one thing that will elevate croc overalls to the 'real' luxury level.

So, what is haute joaillerie you ask?

Well, basically, it's super ornate, ridiculously expensive jewelry that on the über wealthy can even think about purchasing.

For example...

Reines et Rois by Christian Dior Joaillerie:

La Broche Camélia Paraïba by Chanel Joaillerie:

Rose gold, diamond, and pastel pink sapphire necklace by Chopard Haute Joallerie:

And my personal favorite: A white gold & diamond choker from the Audemars Piguet Carnet de Bal Haute Jaillerie Set:

This baby took over 500 hours of hand work and contains 1,039 diamonds. Yep, you red that right. 1,039 diamonds. Must be nice, huh?

The fact that I didn't find any prices for any of these items is the scariest part.

The jewels will be available for everyone's viewing pleasure... Oh, wait... No they won't. You can see them by appointment only. How does one get an appointment? Do you have to flash a black Amex card? Show them your most recent bank statements? Invite the designers to your private chateaux for a weekend of pampering? Seriously. I would love to know. Somebody should find out and get back to me on that ASAP.

In the mean time? I'll stick to my costume jewelry and let these crazies pretend like the world isn't going through an economic disaster right now.


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