Thursday, September 3, 2009

Betty & Peggy & Joan... Oh my!!

Let me start by saying that my love for AMC's critically acclaimed series "Mad Men" knows no bounds.

The 1960's era drama is effortlessly cool (the wardrobes are to die for!) , deliciously inappropriate (smoking and drinking is involved in just about every scene and pregnant girls are definitely not excluded from the fun), and it's twisted, tortured, and philandering protagonist gives me butterflies that have previously been achieved only in the presence of limited edition Chanel.

The storylines are innovative, the writing is thoughtful and intriguing, the acting is top notch, and the styling is perfection.

Let me repeat: the styling is perfection.

Slicked-back hair and skinny ties for the handsome gents aside, I find myself constantly drooling over the ladies and their various ensembles, straight-out-of-the-beauty-parlor-hair-do's, and iconic makeup.

My Girl-Crush #1: Betty Draper (played by January Jones)

Is she channeling Grace Kelly, or what? The 3rd season just started and I have yet to see Betty in an outfit that wasn't beautiful and flattering. Nobody can rock a string of pearls like she can. I'm not sure I've ever wished I could be a blonde more.

My Girl-Crush #2: Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks)

Two words: Jessica. Rabbit. These photos don't even do her justice. She's literally drool-worthy. She is the the perfect example of a fabulous (non-size-two) hourglass figure and it makes me deliriously happy to see a woman who looks real and works it to the fullest.

Not to mention that her cat eyes and candy-apple-red lips have kept me practicing my liquid liner skills in front of the mirror for hours.

And last, but most definitely not least...

My Girl-Crush #3: Peggy Olson (Played by Elisabeth Moss)

Less sex-bomb and more librarian, Peggy is the girl I feel closest to. She's a little shy and unsure of herself and a little intimidated by working in what is still very much a man's world in the early 60's. She's just as smart as (arguably smarter than most) the men surrounding her and she's slowly starting to come around with her looks. How gorgeous is the detail on that black and white dress above? Timid and shy - maybe. Slightly behind the trends that Betty and Joan are sporting - definitely. But she still always looks great.

So, that's my salute to this outstanding show and it's amazing style. My hat is off to costume designer Janie Bryant and her team for a job magnificently well done.

In case you'd like to see some more, here's a video about the Man Men look from Janie herself: Inside Mad Men's Wardrobe