Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey... J-J-J-Jaded...

"Yeah, I'm talkin' about you..."

That's right, Chanel. I'm lookin' at you.

You and your absurdly priced, quality-lacking, easily-chipping nail polish.

Pardonnez-moi, I mean Le Vernis Nail Colour.

Well, okay... Maybe I was a little harsh. Only some of the Chanel polishes I've tried have been easily-chipping... But still. $25 bucks for a nail polish? I can get a pretty snazzy uber-manicure with a stellar massage for $25 bucks.

And yet... I LOVE this color. It's from their latest and greatest collection and matches this Jade-bead necklace my mother always wore when I was little to a tee. It comes in this lovely pale-seafoamy-green-with-a-slight-shimmer shade called Jade and an equally pretty pale pink shade called Jade Rose.

I've heard a ton of mixed reviews about it already, and every time I convince myself that it's not worth the money or that it's a useless color (I mean how often will I want to wear GREEN nail polish??) I just keep looking at the little bottle and sighing. I still want it.

Somebody just smack me over the head, would you? PLEASE?

But look how PRETTY!!

Melanie Parker over at the wonderful Blogdorf Goodman has concerns over the streakyness of the polish (even after three coats) while a Teen Vogue beauty blogger wishes she could tattoo this color on her nails forever.

And then there's the inevitable comparison to MAC's Peppermint Patti from the Sugarsweet Collection.

Unfortunately, I've never seen it in person, but luckily enough the entire internet has made up for my goof.

So thanks to All Lacquered Up for this:

So what's a girl to do? Shell out $25 bucks for the double-C's? Hunt down some Peppermint Patti on eBay?

Or remind myself that having seafoam green nail polish is probably a waste of money and forget about it?

You tell me!

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