Friday, September 4, 2009

Purple haze all in my brain...

Is it just me, or has purple been the it color for like...years?

Not that I have any problems with purple. In fact, I'm a pretty big fan. I have tons of clothes and accessories in every shade from lilac to plum to violet and I use them regularly.

But purple makeup is a stumper for me. I always oooh and ahhh over it at makeup counters. I'm constantly told that purple shades will make my hazel eyes appear more green, which is something I love since it's sometimes hard to convince people I even have hazel eyes because they're kind of dark. I also have a drawer full of various shades of purple that I absolutely theory.

I'll use a dusting here or a sweep there and that's about as far as I ever go. I even have purple blush that does quite a brilliant job making me look bright and glowy (thank you Bobbi Brown Violet Face Palette!) but I even find myself shying away from that and have no idea why.

Well, color me totally shocked when I saw this on the Sephora website and immediately wanted to drool:

Oh. Em. Gee. Make my eyes look like THAT!! Pretty please?? (a little lighter on the eyeliner, especially under the eye, and I think this could even be considered appropriate for daytime)

Sephora Gods to the rescue! They granted my wish and gave me a simple guide to getting this look using products from Urban Decay. Check it out here. I can't lie, I'm a little bit in love with the lipstick in that "Bold" look, too.

In fact, Urban Decay is just knocking it out of the park for me. Aside from the fact that I consider their popular Primer Potion to be my absolute Holy Grail of priming products and would probably go into hysterical fits of crying and screaming (and buying up all the leftover inventory) if they ever discontinue it, they've really stepped it up with their products. If I'm ever looking for a "fun" look I go straight to their displays/website for ideas. I like almost all of their products and their eyeshadow palettes last FOREVER. Word of caution - stay away from the mascaras. I've tried a few and I just can't get on that bandwagon.

But, seriously... If I could rock this over-the-top-purple-cat-eye look and somehow not look completely ridiculous?

You'd better believe I'd be air-guitaring my way through every day.

P.S. If you're a fan of the Primer Potion then you know that the pretty-but-tragic design of the packaging leaves a little to be desired. Once it starts to look like you're running out the amount of product actually left in the bottle is astounding. Never fear though - the Beauty Addict (through another blog - Clumps of Mascara) has found a pretty genius solution if you don't mind getting a little crafty! Good luck!


amanda14367 on September 4, 2009 at 7:03 PM said...

OHMYGOD. I have a serious love affair with purple eye shadow. My New Year's Eve look was all purple and glittery and fabulous. LOVED it.

Almost as much as I'm loving this blog. Good idea! Show off all that insane knowledge!