Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You know... Your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash.

I decided pretty early on that I was going to try to keep my inner Twilight-fan from taking over this blog and so far it hasn't been too difficult. I even promise to ignore my natural instinct and refrain from giving you anything like an RPATTZ photo of the day (even though that would be HOT), but once in a while things are going to slip by.

Kind of like today. If you're a fan of the books or the movie or even just enjoy amusing parodies, you definitely need to check out The Hillywood Show. Right now. Seriously. Their Twilight video is absolutely hysterical. Come on. There is organized choreography. It's FABULOUS. I'm telling you. Just trust me!

Actually, even if you're not a Twilight fan, all of their stuff is pretty awesome. And for technical "non-professionals" the quality of their videos is amazing. Sisters Hannah and Hillary Hindi, as well as the rest of their cast and crew, seem like pretty cool people in general and from what I understand they are unbelievably friendly and gracious with the fans. They have Twilight director, Catherine Hardwicke, singing their praises and even the cast of the movie agrees. In fact, Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) was so entertained by the fact that the Hillywood actor playing Jasper looked so much like him that he wanted a photo with the guy.

Hannah and Hillary do just about everything for these videos. They write, act, direct, film, and edit everything themselves and do quite a remarkable job with all of it. Check out this exclusive interview, it's got a ton of fun info about the girls and their experience.

Up next for The Hillywood Show is a New Moon parody and judging by the "sneak peak" video it's going to be great. I, for one, am pretty stoked about it.

[all photo credits: the hillywood show]