Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Melrose Place: Tuesday's the New Humpday

No, seriously... That's one of the taglines for the CW's Melrose Place remake that premieres tonight, right after 90210.


Ha. Hahaha I kind of love it and I kind of want to smack myself upside the head for even laughing.

According to the CW, this is the basic rundown: "In an elegant Spanish-style apartment complex in the trendy Melrose neighborhood of Los Angeles, the lives and relationships of a diverse group of 20-somethings intertwine to form a close-knit surrogate family."

And here is the "diverse group of 20-somethings":

So... Let me get this straight. Basically, it's what happens when the 90210 kids graduate and move from their Beverly Hills mansions into supersweet apartments in LA, where mommy and daddy still pay their rent so they can all have awesome "jobs" that don't really pay anything, since they're probably not really working all that much?

Okay, cool. I get it. A scripted version of The Hills. Well, a more scripted version of The Hills.
I have to admit that I never watched the original Melrose Place. It was hard enough to convince my mom to let me stay up and watch all the original 90210 partying, hooking up, overdosing, etc. No way was she ever going to let me get an extra hour of debauchery in on top of that. I'm kind of curioius to see how this new show goes. The 90210 remake doesn't hold a candle to my beloved original series, but I still watch it out of some sick sense of nostalgia...or something (the cute guys and fantastic clothes might have something to do with it). I don't really have a reason to watch Melrose, except that Ashlee Simpson attempting to act might be good for a laugh or twenty.

I do have high hopes for the fashion, though. I'm thinking it could be a suitably entertaining thing to have in the backround while I'm reading endless textbooks and wishing I could have been born one of those trust-fund brats running around LA in my fabulous Christian Louboutins.

And frankly, when it all comes down to it... Having these people on my television screen for an hour a week...

Might not be so bad. At the very least, chances are good that I'll feel like a genius in comparison, right?

I say bring on the New Humpday!

So what do you think? Excited for the new show? Would you rather stick a fork in your eye than be subjected to Ashlee Simpson's "acting"?

[photo credits: tvverdict.com, melroseplaceblog.com]